Why Buy More Than Just Minimum Liability Auto Insurance

Drivers across the United States have the legal obligation of ensuring financial responsibility for reimbursing any accident they may cause  Getting car liability insurance coverage is the best way to meet the legal requirements.  Even more, the federal authorities impose minimum liability limits. However,  you must understand that the minimum car insurance liability is not enough and it is just a symbolic sum to legally drive. This is why you should consider getting more coverage, and check for more online info.  Can you get car insurance online and get online quotes? The answer is “Yes”. Visit our website and compare prices for full coverage!

Liability insurance has the sole purpose of repairing or replacing a damaged or totaled vehicle in an accident where the policyholder is found guilty.   Furthermore, the policy pays medical bills resulting from the at fault accident. The minimum coverage provides absolutely no insurance coverage to repair or replace the vehicle used by the policyholder. For that, there are other policies, like comprehensive or collision.

Car prices have constantly risen and paying for replacing or repairing an expensive car is also problematic. This is why only the minimum limits of liability coverage may not be sufficient to pay for all expensive.  Let’s assume that you were found to be at fault in an accident that totally destroyed a $50,000 luxury car.  Under your minimum insurance policy, your insurance company will only pay $25,000.  This would mean that the remaining $25,000 would have to be paid your own finances. It is quite a lot to pay.

Usuallt, the costs for treating an auto accident costs more than $100,000. Moderate-to-severe auto accidents can easily reach costs of $100,000 or more, depending on the number of vehicles involved, number of people injured and how serious are those injuries. If the insurance coverage is not enough to pay the total costs, the other driver can sue you to get the rightful sum of money.  This is why you must buy more than the minimum coverage levels

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