What Is Affinity Car Insurance Discount

Belonging to a certain professional group or club will make you feel proud and comfortable, but will also help you save money in unexpected ways. For example, you may qualify for affinity car insurance discount. Read our blog to find out more about this discount and check our webpage for a free auto insurance online quote.

An affinity group is any organization or group founded around a common interest or for a stated purpose. This includes businesses, clubs, fraternities and sororities, or other groups that exist for a common purpose such as AARP, AAA, and so on. Several insurance companies have made a business out of marketing themselves to affinity groups. Members of an affinity group who sign up with a specific car insurance company will get a discount. The discount varies from group to group and average between 5% and 20%.

Affinity groups give insurers access to a pool of potential customers, who often are part of a demographic that the insurer judges to be low risk and thus its members are qualified for better rates. Even more, the organization can get a referral fee.

In addition to savings, some affinity groups may offer special promotional offers or even more discounts. It’s not uncommon for employees of a large business to have access to a discounted insurance package when combining auto and life or health insurance from the same carrier. Such a package would have pre-defined limits and coverages, but employees would have access to it, often at a significantly discounted rate. The reason this works is because it follows the “buy in bulk” logic in which the company offers more if you bring more to their business. By offering this deal to a business that employs hundreds or thousands of workers, the insurance company knows that they will have a great number of new policies. This means that they can offer generous discounts.

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