Tips For Insuring Teen Drivers

Insuring a teen driver can be quite costly and hassling. Read our tips and get quotes from us if you want cheap car insurance online for teen drivers.

  • Add the teen to the parents’ insurance policy instead of putting the teen on different contract. This way the rate increase for the teen driver can be offset by discounts you already have active. And if you’re buying a car for the teen, you can also get a multi-vehicle discount.
  • Shop around using quotes and analyze rates for insurance companies. Compare car insurance by getting quotes from multiple companies. This helps you save hundreds of dollars because rates vary so much among insurance companies.
  • Ask your insurance agent to review possible discounts. Make sure you’re getting all the discounts possible, such as a good student discount if your teen maintains certain grades. Pay attention to requirements, since companies have their own rules for considering a student “good” and granting this discount.
  • If you’re buying your teen a car, buy one that’s safe and cheap to insure. If you’re considering a number of cars, ask your insurance agent to give you quotes for each. That way you won’t have surprises after you buy a car. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety can offer you more tips about what type of car to select for your teen.
  • If the teen goes away to college without a car, tell your insurer. Many offer significant discounts for a teen away at college because they’ll won’t be driving the car regularly.
  • Ask your insurance agent when the teen needs to be added to the policy. Some companies will want you to add the teen when they get a license. Others will base the timing on the age of the teen.

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