What Makes You A High-Risk Driver

Everyone is afraid of being labeled “high-risk driver” by their insurance company.  And for good reasons: this label brings significantly increased car insurance expenses, limited coverage options and the permanent fear of being dropped or not renewed by the current carrier. Find out what makes you a high-risk driver and try to avoid the contributing factors. Also, if you are interested in car insurance, get a quote for car insurance, for free, from our website.

In the eyes of your insurance provider, you could be put in the high-risk driver category thanks to a number of factors, which leads your insurer to believe that you present a high likelihood of putting forth an at fault claim. These factors include:

  • get a quote for car insuranceHaving a lapse in auto insurance coverage. Car insurance providers see these lapses in coverage as an indication of future risk. So no matter how great of a driver you were with your previous insurer, if you don’t start your new coverage when it is over, then you will automatically be considered high-risk.
  • Having too many tickets, violations, and/or accidents within a year. This is an indicator for a reckless driver and it is a disaster soon to happen.
  • Having poor credit. Not being able to manage and pay your bills in time also warns car insurance companies about the chance of you being late with premium payments.
  • Receiving a DUI or DWI. Driving under the influence will automatically make you a high-risk and will even make most of the carriers drop coverage.
  • Driving a ‘high risk’ vehicle. This refers to sports cars and “pimped”, heavily-customized vehicles. It also refers to more exotic vehicles, for which replacement parts are very hard or impossible to find.
  • Being a young driver. Lack of experience also make people be considered high-risk drivers.
  • Living in an area identified as high risk where accidents and claims are more likely to happen.
  • Having multiple accidents, regardless of who is at fault. Making too many claims will reflect negatively on your insurability risk.

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