Insurance Agent’s Role in the Claims Process

Your insurance agent may be more than just a simple seller. It can be a vital part of your claim process and it can be your direct representative to the insurance company.  Find out more about the insurance agent’s role in the claims process. Also, you can get car insurance quote online, if you want to check the insurance market alone.

car insurance quote onlineThe role played by your insurance agent will be different from one company to another, and could differ dramatically if you get insurance through an independent agent. If you have to file an insurance claim, contacting your agent is important to keep them informed of the situation.

Keep in mind that there are 2 types of agents: captive agents and independent agents (brokers). Captive agents work for the insurance company who wrote your policy. Some companies prefer for you to contact your agent and let them handle the claims process, others have call centers where claims can be handled by staff trained expressly for the job. Unless you have been told to do otherwise, contact the agent first and let them decide how the claim should be handled.

If you got coverage through an independent agent or insurance broker, they can only direct you to the insurance company that owns your policy. Independent agents do not work directly for the insurance company who wrote your policy, they sell a variety of policies from different companies. It is still important to let your agent know what has happened, but its role in the claims process is minimized. Nevertheless, a good independent agent will guide you through your process as much as possible and can help you ensure your rates stay competitive after the claim.

Basically, the role of agents is help you settle a claim fast and get you compensated. Inform your agent as soon as you decide to make a claim.

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