How To Look For Car Insurance Discounts

Find out how to look for car insurance discount and use our website to get auto insurance quotes online for free.

  1. Look for carriers offering the best low mileage discount. If you think that you drive less than the average citizen, you may consider opting for low mileage discount. This is a very generous discount that may save you hundreds of dollars on the long run. Since not all insurance companies treasure this discount the same, if will pay off to do a little research and see which companies offer the most.
  2. Look for companies who reward loyalty. In the business world, loyalty is really important and keeping customers loyal should be a top priority for any company. This is why when buying car insurance, you must check if loyalty is on the discount list. Verify how much time you must wait until you become eligible for loyalty discount. Also, check the value of the discount. You surely do not want to wait 10 years, only to get a 5 percent discount.  We recommend you to look for companies that offer this discount after 3 or five years and the value is over 10 percent.
  3. Look for companies that provide a hefty no-claim bonus. Being a safe driver and not making claims for several consecutive years should also be rewarded generously by insurance companies. After all, they are making money, not spending on reimbursing you. If the discount you get is very small or it requires too many steps, you should consider shopping around.
  4. Shop around before renewal. When your policy is about to expire, you should consider checking the market has changed and if you have better standings and better prices with other companies. Use car insurance quotes and compare prices before switching to other company.

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