How To Handle Minor Accidents

Most accidents are minor, simple fender-benders which result with just some dents and scratches.  After you’re involved in such incident, you may wonder what to do. There are some things to be settled, including how to approach your insurer. Find out how to handle minor accidents. Furthermore, if you are interested in buying car insurance or changing your carrier, check our website and get multi car insurance quotes for free.

insurance quotes online autoThe first thing to do after an accident is to stay calm.  Do not get angry and yell, since this aggressive behavior may be used against you by the other involved party, in the eventuality of a court trial.  Also, if the other driver becomes hostile, try to calm it. If he or she refuses, call the police.

One important thing to remember is to not offer apologies. Even if you consider yourself guilty and have remorse, do not blame yourself in front of the other driver. Let the insurance company handle the situation.  Otherwise, the other driver will use anything you say against you. Admitting guilt will be considered admission against your interests by the other driver’s insurance company.

Minor accidents rarely end up with injuries, but it is always better to check if anyone is ok.  Call an ambulance immediately even if someone says it has a headache or any kind of pain. A hit at the head can get really worse in time and may even cause a cerebral vascular accident.

If the accident happened off road, like bumping in a building or any structure belonging to a business, make sure to look for security personnel or police. Leaving from crime scene without leaving any contact will aggravate things and you will receive a hefty fine. And be sure that your insurer will hear about your traffic violation.

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