Common Car Insurance Exclusions

An auto insurance exclusion is something that isn’t covered on your policy either without an endorsement (it can  be added on your policy for an extra fee) or it isn’t covered at all.  Auto insurance exclusions are not just items; they can also be other drivers or actions. Make sure you understand what’s covered under your car insurance and what’s not covered before hitting the road. Check the common car insurance exclusions and read more blog posts, in order to find out how to get car insurance quotes online.

  • how to get car insurance quotes onlineIntentional damage – Part of this exclusion is rather new to most auto insurance policies. This involves acts of rage such as using your car as a weapon. This also includes setting your own car on fire or kicking your car to blow off steam.
  • Acts of nature – Hail damage, damage caused by flying degrees or a tree falling on your car are all considered acts of nature.  You may think that all insurance policies cover these acts, but they don’t. Unless you have comprehensive cover, your car will not be insured from damage caused by acts of nature.
  • Drag racing – Injury caused to yourself or your vehicle while drag racing will be excluded from collision coverage.
  • Unapproved modifications: Depending on the terms of your policy, you might void it completely by installing any modifications without getting permission from your insurer first. For some policies, this may only apply if you’ve installed modifications that specifically affect performance in some way, like installing a new engine or fuel system. Either way, you should always get in touch with your insurer before modifying your car.
  • Terrorism or acts of war: Damage from these kind of events might occur on a wider scale, which insurers would prefer not to be liable for.
  • Asbestos, nuclear, biological or other contamination: Damage resulting from specific types of environmental contamination is not covered by your car insurance

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