Best Auto Insurance Policies to Buy For Teen Drivers

Find out which are the best auto insurance policies to buy for teen drivers and get free online auto insurance quotes from our website.

The first policy any teen driver should get is the minimum liability coverage, plus a collision auto insurance bonus. In this way, you are legally covered to drive and you will be covered if the car is damaged, no matter who caused the accident.

There are a several ways as a teen driver can save money on car insurance premium. The first thing to do is to qualify for discounts. Most major insurers will give a discount for being a good student or taking a driver’s education course for example. If the teen driver is added to the parent’s policy as well, most large insurance companies will lower their premium. Also, being away at school, and having limited access to the vehicle will reduce the insurance costs.

Most insurance companies allow teen drivers to sign a contract in which they agree about the terms of use and use frequency of the vehicle in return of cheaper premiums.

And if you consider yourself a good driver, you can always ask to be enrolled in usage based policies – assuming that your current carrier has such program. Usage based programs rely on monitoring equipment which will periodically send data about car maintenance and driving habits.  So, even if you are young and considered a inexperienced driver, you can still avoid the high risk class if you show good driving habits. Furthermore, it is possible to customize the rates based on a signed contract in which you agree for limited use of the car and other limitations.

Continuously improving your driving skills and showing signs of responsibility is everything an insurer would want. And when you will reach the age of 25, if you choose to stay with the same company, you may even get some generous discounts and bonuses.

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