Basic Info About Affinity Car Insurance Discount

An affinity group is any organization or group formed around a common interest or for a specified purpose. This includes businesses, clubs, fraternities and sororities, or other groups that exist for a common purpose such as AARP, AAA, and others. Read more about affinity car insurance discount and get free car quotes insurance from our website.

In terms of auto insurance discounts, an affinity group discount is granted to a club, business, or organization as part of an agreement in which the group agrees to encourage its members to purchase insurance from a certain auto insurance provider. These discounts vary from group to group and average between 5% and 20%.

In addition to savings, some affinity groups may offer special packages or additional discounts. It’s not uncommon for employees of a large business to have access to a discounted insurance package (though this is more common in healthcare). Such a package would have pre-defined limits and coverages, but employees would have access to it, often at a significantly discounted rate. The reason this works is because it follows the “buy in bulk” logic. By offering this deal to a business that employs hundreds of workers, the insurance company knows that they will have a tremendous number of new policies. This means that they can offer those policies for less.

If you’re looking for an auto insurance discount you can still get an affinity discount without purchasing an affinity group plan. Members of AAA or AARP can typically expect a 10% discount just for being a member. You may not get the deep savings offered by an affinity group policy, but ten percent isn’t a bad place to start. Keep in mind that this is in addition to any other discount for which you qualify, including discounts for anti-theft devices, safety equipment, and more. Different insurers offer different discounts, so shopping around can help you get the most discounts.

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