Why You Should Always Carry Proof of Insurance

You should carry proof of your auto insurance with you at all times. No matter if you keep it either in your vehicle or on your wallet, you should always have access to the document. It’s the law in many states and most people know it. For many it has become natural to keep proof of insurance in torpedo of the vehicle.  If you are stopped by a police officer, you may be asked to show proof of insurance for the car you are driving. The reason you need to keep proof of insurance in your car is because the law requires you to have car insurance. Your state doesn’t want uninsured drivers roving the streets. It’s dangerous and costly for all drivers, not only you. Find out more about car insurance and if you want to shop around, use our website and compare auto insurance quotes online free!

If you have insurance, but you forgot to take the papers with you, there are still some solutions. You can call the insurance company to provide details about your status and insurance number. Or, as more and more drivers do, keep a digital copy of your insurance certificate in your smartphone. When the officer asks, show the copy. A simple picture can save you the day. If you can’t do any of those two options, you must accept the ticket.  Things will get a bit more complicated if you want to dismiss the ticket and avoid further complications and car insurance rate increase. You must appear in front of the Court and provide all data requested.  You must provide written documentation establishing that the vehicle was covered by a liability insurance policy at the time of the charge and you are required to bring an Original Document showing the Effective Date and Expiration Date of the insurance policy.  The document must contain the make, model and year of the vehicle.  If you do not have the insurance card, a letter from the insurance company indicating the same information along with a phone number and name of agent preparing the document will be accepted.

So, you should carry proof of insurance if you do not want end up with fines and increased premiums.

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