What Types Of Car Should You Drive If You Want Cheaper Car Insurance Rates

Though auto insurance rates are largely based on fixed variables, including an owner’s age, gender, marital status, driving record, credit score, and address, budget-minded motorists can make their premiums more affordable by choosing a vehicle that’s naturally more affordable to insure. And with Americans holding onto their cars for longer periods than ever – the national average stands at 7.3 years saving even a few hundred dollars a year can pile up some big money over the course of ownership. Find out which cars are cheaper to insure and get auto online insurance from our website.

Unfortunately for those who like to live life in the fast lane, the cars that tend to be the cheapest to cover are among the most serene rides on the road. The family-minded Honda Odyssey minivan is the leader in both regards, with an average annual premium of $1,113. On the contrary, the quickest, costliest and most desirable models have the highest premiums, with the V10-propelled Dodge Viper taking the first stop with an average $4,048 a year to insure.

As a rule of thumb, cheaper cars are assigned lower rates than more expensive models because they tend to be less costly to repair and reach a lower threshold before being “totaled” after an accident.

SUVs are amongst the cheapest cars to insure. The iconic Jeep Wrangler is the off-road king. It’s also cheap to fix should one incur damage, with items like the doors, roof, and windshield able to be unbolted and swapped out easily. This is why the annual premium is around $1.181.  Honda Odyssey is one of the cheapest cars to insure, with an annual premium of $1.113.  Family minivans are mass produced and are really cheap to insure and replace.

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